moreNew product
  • Ultrahigh linearity and repeatability
    Analog output and Digital output , optional
    Long service life at least 5 million times
    Totally design and manufacture by SOWAY, could customize
    High temperature resistance up to 150 ℃
    Vibration resistance
    Precision micro-displacement measurement
  • Could monitor the empty, full and over-load real time
    Special structure design, installed in the vehicle directly
    Matching patent installation fixture, easy to calibrate
    Good aseismic performance,could reach 5G / 40Hz
    Oil resistant, protection grade IP67
    Based on ultra-accuracy LDVT displacement sensor
  • The principle of Magnetic proximity switches is produce a magnetic field around the sensor through changed the position and polarity of trigger so that make the sensor working. Hermetically sealed, life at least 1 million times, easy installation, customer can define activated distance.