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Vision: Live and work in peace and health, and to change China's international status in the sensor industry with our efforts

Mission: Precise positioning to make measurement and control easier and make life easier

Values: Honest, trustworthy, grateful, cooperative, obedient, dedicated, industrious, simple, responsible, inclusive and innovative

Philosophy: Honest, trustworthy, commit what we promised

Soway tech insist on precisely process, to make the measurement and control is more simple and the mission of making life easier, according to the characteristics of the sensor, measurement and control strongly professional, put forward and implemented "the entire product life cycle to caress" plan, let users:

To simplify complexity, you can provide tailored solutions to your needs as long as you ask for them

The product design, selection and debugging are completed by us so that you can work easily

The product is fine, safe and reliable, and the performance is tracked regularly, so that you have no worries