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Float level switch operate by non-contact way, long service life, could be used in harsh environment, needn’t maintenance, high stability, high reliability, high repeatability technical characteristics. Widely used in liquid level measurement, liquid level monitoring and liquid level security control, etc.

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Continuous level float switch can real-time monitoring of liquid level,measurement accuracy is 4 mm, output can be resistance change value, also can converted into analog output (current, voltage) and digital output (RS 485 and RS 232) by transmitter.

Contactless operation

Customer can defined measuring range

Long service life, high accuracy, flexible installation

High stability, high reliability, high repeatability, no maintenance

Diversity signal output


Car tank, oil depot

Hydrological monitoring

Sewage treatment

Oil, chemical, chemical fertilizer, rubber, medicine, ship, military, electric power, food and other industrial liquid surface indicator and automatic control.

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