SP129 Door Switch

This cylindrical proximity switches are the generic terms of non-contact sensors, replacing the traditional contact detection limit switch, which could detect the moving information of objects, then transform into electrical signals. Non-contact sensors are also able to detect objects close to the trend and there is objects no not, which all called "proximity switches".

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Magnetic proximity switches are used to detect whether doors, Windows, drawers, etc. are unlawfully opened or moved by a switch. The door magnetic switch is formed by the connection of the magnetic spring tube through the lead wire and the form is formed. When the magnetic object is close, the switch action is caused, which is generally used as the position sensor. Proximity switch can be used for high speed counting, detection of metal body's existence, speed of measurement, level control, detection of parts size and use as a contactless button.

SP129 doors and Windows, home door magnetic switch contains a gate and trigger. Belongs to a kind of magnetic proximity switch, but SP129 doors and Windows, household door magnetic switch can connect AC 220 v power supply, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, shoot the light, can directly load to tungsten lamps and lanterns of communication, etc., to solve the ordinary magnetic door can only load pick up the defect of direct current.

SP129 doors and Windows, household door magnetic switch method of use: when trigger the side away from or near the door magnetic switch, the output make or break the signal, such as: each time you open the closet door, magnet left, the light in the closet; When the closet door closes, the magnet approaches and the wardrobe lights go out. 


· Sealed design, strong water resistance, can work in bad environment and stable performance

· Customers can choose frequently open, often closed products

· Adopt imported core components and unique housing interior design to make the product life and consistency stronger

· Customer can customize product sensitivity, line length, terminal and shell color

· No power supply, no standby consumption, simple and flexible installation

· Power: 3A

· Switch is open type/often closed type. When the closet door closes, the lights go out.The light is on when the door opens.

· Product appearance, size: Φ: 24 * 23 mm, magnetic steel: Φ: 24 * 23 mm

· Installation mode: drilling.            

· Service life: over 1 million times

· Temperature: - 10 ~ 70 ℃


· Smart home switch, hotel wardrobe door magnetic proximity switch, wardrobe lamp induction switch, directly connect fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, spotlights

· Automobile, industrial control, counter

· Security guard

· Window control

· Position control

Installation mode: Flush-type 

1. The sensor (line edge) should be installed on the door frame and the magnetic edge (without line) is mounted on the door

2. The sensor and magnetic edge must be installed in parallel to the door

3. Be sure to install the load (fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp, light bulb) on the power supply.

4. There is no positive or negative power supply.