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Capacitance fuel level sensors operate on the basic principle of the linear variation of the electrical capacity formed between the rod and outer shell with the content (oil) level, transformed variation of the content (oil) level to 4~20mA, 0~5V, digital, RS485 output, could display liquid level height directly or sent to the remote monitoring and control system by satellite.

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Capacitance liquid level sensor use capacitance principle to measure the dielectric permittivity of a surrounding medium. Capacitance value linearly changed when liquid level up and down. With the advantage of high accuracy, high stability and continuous working ability, capacitance liquid level sensor is widely used in industrial manufacturer.

Capacitance fuel level sensors are used for level precise detection in automobile fuel tank, oil tank truck, oil depot, etc., The whole sensor contains no moving or spring parts, is resistant, simple to install, and easy to clean, high reliability, high precision, good cost effective, could also be applied to all kinds of non-conductive liquid measure and monitor.

Stability structure

Easy installation

Measuring range:self -calibration(by user)

Probe length adjustable (by user)

Material: Stainless steel