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SP11H-1 magnetic proximity sensor

This SOWAY SP11H-1 magnetic proximity sensor can totally replace Omron GLS-1 series, it includes GLS-S1 and GLS-M1 for the sensor and magnet

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This square magnetic switch, manufactured by Soway, is a proximity switch that has an N.O. and an N.C. contact form and an IP65 protection class. It has a maximum switching voltage of 250 V, a maximum switching current of 3.0 A and a maximum switching power of 100/100 W/VA. Furthermore, it has an operating temperature range of -°C40 to +80°C.

The principle of Magnetic proximity switches is produce a magnetic field around the sensor through changed the position and polarity of trigger so that make the sensor working. Hermetically sealed, life at least 1 million times, easy installation, customer can define activated distance.

This magnetic proximity sensor has same spec. as  Omron GLS-1 series magnetic proximity sensor with sensor GLS-S1 and magnets GLS-M1;

Position detection in industrial automation

Induction distance is over 15mm - Sensing distance be equal to 15.0≤D≤25.0mm

Working voltage 24VDC

Carry Current 1A

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