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Float level switch operate by non-contact way, long service life, could be used in harsh environment, needn’t maintenance, high stability, high reliability, high repeatability technical characteristics. Widely used in liquid level measurement, liquid level monitoring and liquid level security control, etc.

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This is a kind of level switch, it can be used in level control, level measurement and  home appliance level control to control the liquid level and it can be installed in many kinds of liquid. There are two kinds of materials, they are plastic and S.S. Also there are two types installations: vertical and side-mount. And every type can be customized, such as body length,float size and cable length.

Stainless steel horizontal type
No need power supply
N.O. ,N.C.and S.P.D.T type optional

ISO 9001-2008

Horizontal installation, stainless steel type


The level control of household appliances

Liquid level control, liquid level measurement

Water heater, coffee machine, water dispenser, humidifier, etc

Liquid container water level monitoring

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